Why is creative tourism a solution to reactivate tourism in times of pandemic?


  • creative tourism’ sustainability is based on its circular economy model that consists of (co-)creating unique experiences, from existing resources, such as know-how.
  • the crisis has raised citizens’ curiosity for Km0 culture and staycation, which means to convert intangible heritage into unique experiencesable to attract the most diverse targets (singles, seniors, kids friendly, etc.).
  • far from being a marketing gimmick, creative tourism reflects irreversible societal changes towards a growing sustainability consciousness.
  • the period of lockdown has aroused people’s interest in DIY activities and socialization in small groups.
  • its cross-sectoral model helps to mitigate the crisis effects while creating an ecosystem.
  • creative tourism stimulates off-season tourism, which perfectly fits with staycation.
  • creative tourism contributes to recreate the territory’s DNA by converting citizens into ambassadors.
  • creative tourists are appreciated for their empathy with the locals.
  • creative tourism allows destinations of all kinds, to position themselves through their own DNA. 

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Excellent examples of how to optimize creative tourism in such an uncertain period are proposed by our CreativeFriendlyDestinations.

Source: CreativeTourismNetwork

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