Create mosaics like Gaudí in and authentic Barcelona setting

Located in the heart of the gothic district, Mosaiccos, member of Barcelona Creative Tourism, provides tourists and locals alike the opportunity to create their own mosaics. Here tourists can learn how to design their own mosaic masterpiece in the style of Antonio Gaudí. Conceived by artist, Angelika Heinbach, the idea for this workshop came to her when she decided to quit her job after twenty years working in a multinational company. Arriving in barcelona and seeing the works of Gaudí for the first time, she fell in love with his artistry and decided to combine her own passion with her work. For me, teaching was the best way to pass my passion and knowledge on to others and to make people form all around the world appreciate Gaudí’s masterpieces”.

For many families, Mosaiccos is a favorite activity, as it gives them a chance to have an authentic hands on experience. Mosaicos also offers team building workshops which are meant to promote communication and cooperation amongst company members. It is clear to see why many travelers love this experience. After touring the city that has Gaudí woven into its historical fabric, many want more in terms of hands on participation. When asked what make Mosaiccos special, Angelika responded “Mosaiccos is special because of the way we treat our public. We give a special care to the need of each person individually: For us excellence in work, excellence in service and of our material, it is our priority. We work with children, amateurs and beginners”

Weather this experience is your introduction to the works and mosaic style of Gaudí, or you are an expert, Mosaiccos is a one of a kind experience and a creative tourists dream.

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