Whether you are a tourist or a tour operator,
Barcelona Creative Tourism will overcome your expectations! 

Do you want to discover the wonderful city of Barcelona in a authentic way?
Let’s experience the city by joining this new generation of cultural tourism
and let’s participate in creative activities of all kind!

EXPERIENCES and AUTHENTICITY are our watchwords!
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Here is a suggestion of our must-do activities that will inspire you:

Train with the Castellers

  • Join the Castellers for one day and be part of one of the oldest traditions of Catalonia.
  • Create your own giant figure named Gegeants and Capgros.
  • Express your creativity during a mosaic workshop where you will learn Trencadis technique of Gaudi.
  • Dance to the rhythm of rumba catalana.
  • Try your hand at  art glass from Modernism style.
  • Taste local products and cook your own catalan dish, don’t worry you’ll score triumphs with the pa amb tomàquet.
  • Draw the most famous places of Barcelona guided by a sketch artist.
  • Learn traditional techniques of engraving in an authentic artist studio.
  • Participate in a weaving workshop.