Opcio Diamant – Footwear, Sewing and Pattern Workshop

It is a specialized learning sewing, pattern making and footwear workshop.

For them: “Learning occurs from doing as long as each person based on their needs, finds its own way to create. The teacher is a guide on this path, because there is no single way to understand and respond to the reality but multiple visions, according to the character, desires and tastes of each individual. “

A perfect capacity for self-discovery and at least place to stay and share a good time with teachers and other students

Different workshops:

  • Footwear courses
  • Pattern making courses
  • Sewing courses
  • Overlock courses

Information and reservations at: http://www.opciodiamant.com/

Facebook YouTube

Email: info@opciodiamant.com

Phone number: 93 551 93 74 ⎢ 61 822 07 48

Address: Carrer de Martínez de la Rosa, 14, 08012 Barcelona

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