Barcelona Creative Tourism is the world’s first creative tourism platform. It rapidly converted into a model for this sector, which encouraged us to create the Creative Tourism Network® in order to work with other destinations worldwide and to foster these new travelers’ mobility.

It aims to offer the visitors the opportunity to discover the city of Barcelona and its surroundings in a creative way, to interact with the locals as well as to feel like locals themselves.

Whether you are an individual traveler, a group or a tour operator willing to live unique and affordable experiences in Barcelona and its surroundings, this is THE PLACE TO BE!


Creative Tourism Network in the world

We founded the Creative Tourism Network® in 2010, the international organization of reference for creative tourism worldwide

Excellent services for more than 30 years

The guarantee of 30 years of professional experience in the sectors of cultural management, the creative industries and tourism, with people as a priority

Pioneers of Creative Tourism

Yes! This is the first creative tourism platform created in the world

Experts who love Creative Tourism

We are experts as well as creative travelers ourselves. So we share your values and understand your needs and dreams!


Since the creation of Creative Tourism over the years we have collaborated with a number of institutions and organisations that have helped the company’s growth

Journalists interested in receiving our press releases are invited to send an e-email to: connect@barcelonacreativa.info

No. Barcelona Creative Tourism is a non-for-profit platform managed by a group of experts in creative tourism, whose mission is to advise, select and promote the best creative tourism experiences and services in Barcelona. Up to you to contact and book directly with the providers. We do not charge any commission. 

It depends on the activities. Please, contact each entity.

They can really be of all kinds! From a two-hours cooking class to a week-crafts workshop, passing through a professional music or photography master-class. Their common criteria are: authenticity, quality, Km0 culture, their targets to both locals and tourists, and adaptability to make your dream-com-true, for a low budget.

  • The Barcelona Creative Tourism platform has been the first creative tourism platform created in the world at a city level (2004).  Its founders then created the  Creative Tourism Network® to foster the creative offers promotion and the destination networking at an international level. 
  • As a non-for-profit platform, our selection is exclusively motivated by the quality, authenticity, creativity and adaptability of the experiences, activities and services. They respond to the standards of quality imposed by the  Creative Tourism Network®.
  • We are both Barcelonian lovers and creative tourism experts who will do our best to make your – creative – dream come true in our city and its surroundings?

No, they are disseminated in different districts to offer you a like-a-local experience, as well as in its surroundings. We also recommend you a countryside creative experience at VisitEmpordanet.

Of course, we will analyse them, but you can also contact us previously for any inquiry or suggestion.

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